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Born in 1986, Paul Sibuet is a French visual artist. Trained in Design and Art, he perfects his know-how painting with his masters. His work is distinguished in numerous competitions, in Tokyo and Paris. Soon, he breaks free from the techniques taught by exploring his own perceptions of the object and volumes, thus creating his signature. He lives today in Lyon and exhibits in particular in Geneva, New York and Venice.
Sibuet structures forms, colors and materials. He freezes the movement in abundant lines. An unstructured order. He uses the impertinence of his conception of the vice and of the innocence in sensible light and shadow effects.
In his “installations”, monochrome and representational productions, the artist plays with physical constraints to bring spaces to life.

They highlight a reflection on past and future codes. Gold leaf, marble in “trompe-l’œil”, matte white are all materials which make the monumental and the somptuous resonate, mocking the immaterial, as they are its colors, and the sacred, the divine, the infigurable, the infinity resound in them. While liberating from the diktats and offending sometimes the academicism, the artist offers us pieces freed from the notion of space, flowing out the artwork for calling out to us. In the “Snapshot” series, the artwork mocks the technique, being the fruit of a work on the distortion of the stretched canvases.
Pushing even further the paradoxes in the “Breaking the glass” series, the artist confronts the childhood imaginary with the adult imprudence. He offers us a dreamlike reality with a kind of pulsions more or less inappropriate. A mass of life that he breathes by overdose to us.
Through his productions, the artist gives us the feeling of a deep freedom, almost anonymous, in which each can find itself or get lost … He reveals us a universe which is close to us, always on the edge of the reality and the unknown.

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OriginParisMovementContemporary Art and New RealismKnown forwall sculptures in accumulation and trompe l’oeilShare

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