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Painter and sculptor born in Paris in 1967, graduated from IPEDEC (Paris School of Decorative Painting) and specialized in trompe l’œil painting, Alain Mimouni has developed over the years an innovative working method that plays with relief and material. Inspired by Pop Art and Street Art in his production, Alain Mimouni takes motifs, figures from pop culture, and twists them.

Through various techniques (acrylic, oil, matte or glossy varnishes, gold or aluminum leaves…), Alain Mimouni creates paintings with 3D effects, at the crossroads of painting and sculpture. Indeed, he creates his works on canvas as well as on plexiglass or aluminum. The shapes are straight or undulating, the tones and contrasts are subtle… A secret alchemy precisely combines shapes and colors. His dollar sculptures, symbols of luck and success, go beyond mere decorative objects, incorporating blessings and symbolism on multiple levels of interpretation.

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