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Virginie MARIANY, also known as NINU, is a self-taught artist from the Alpes Maritimes.

Her passion for abstract art since early childhood led to her artistic blossoming based on perspectives.

It was following a serious motorcycle accident that NINU decided to devote herself entirely to what would become her new energy.

Spotted by numerous galleries in France (PARIS, CANNES, TOURS, REIMS, or SAINT TROPEZ) and internationally (MIAMI, BELGIUM, MOROCCO), her artistic journey in full bloom is not ready to stop.

“On a misunderstanding” as she always says, she now dares to fabricate face to face with the audacity she makes herself through her vibrant and hypnotic creations.

CROCK DE TOI is a hymn to passionate love (for the bitten side), in duality with the necessary balance (the pinched side) to live in total serenity. Passion clashes with balance…

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