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David David is a self-taught French artist living and working in the south of France. Based in his studio in Cannes, the artist enjoys creating in the timeless, the atypical, even the eclectic, reveling in the gaze cast upon art. David David offers us the depth of pure creation. Painter, sculptor, and visual artist, he is known for his iconic “Blind,” depicting a character with a bucket overturned on their head. Through his works, David David presents to the public his vision of our society, using metaphors as ironic as they are pertinent.

Since always, it’s by putting shapes on paper or materializing his thoughts that this artist has learned to express himself, to assert himself. His somewhat atypical upbringing allows him to immerse himself in a unique vision of the world and to assert a viewpoint that resists prevailing conventional patterns. This singular creative force permeates all of his works.

Through the use of various techniques and materials, David David guides the viewer towards this creative thread, placing them under a new light, that of his imagination, his convictions, thus setting aside the conformist perceptions of our society.

His growing reputation has allowed him to make a name for himself on the European art scene, exhibiting in prestigious venues such as the Pompidou Museum in Metz in 2016, and on the Croisette in Cannes in 2020. Now, David David is making his mark on the international art scene.

Artwork instance :

OriginNancyMovementNew realismKnown forFigure with bucket tipped over his headShare

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