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Patrick Hughes is known for inventing a unique optical illusion called “Reverspective”: a three-dimensional relief painting where objects that appear closest to the viewer are actually farthest away in space. His work plays with perspective and distance, challenging and sometimes disorienting his audience. “When the principles of perspective are reversed and consolidated into sculpted paintings, something extraordinary happens,” he says about his work. “The mind is fooled into believing the impossible, that a static painting can move on its own.”

Born Peter David Hughes in 1939 in Birmingham, England, the painter created “Sticking-out Room,” his first “Reverspective,” in 1964 after studying at Leeds Day Training College. On the day of his graduation, his first exhibition took place at the Portal Gallery in London. Currently living and working in London, England, Patrick Hughes continues to follow the traditions of Pop art, optical art, and surrealism.

His work has been exhibited worldwide in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is part of several public collections.

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