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Hélène Jacubowitz was born in Antwerp in 1952, in an environment immersed in art and creativity. Daughter of a goldsmith and sister of a famous jewelry designer, she was immersed from a young age in the magical world of metal. From her father, she inherited not only the trade but also the passion for perfection that characterizes her work.

Her artistic training led her to study with renowned masters such as Petr Schlosser, and then with Ruperto Urzua, a Chilean sculptor and esteemed professor at the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in her hometown. These years of apprenticeship shaped her artistic vision and honed her skills, allowing her to develop a unique and recognizable style.

Hélène Jacubowitz participates in numerous national and international competitions, where her talent is regularly rewarded. Her work is praised for its finesse, impeccable technique, and ability to capture the very essence of metal. Each piece she creates tells a story, expressing both the strength and delicacy that characterize her art.

Through her sculptures, Hélène invites us on a journey to the heart of the material, exploring the infinite possibilities of metal and revealing its timeless beauty. Each piece is the result of meticulous reflection and careful craftsmanship, where every detail is meticulously shaped to achieve perfection.

Over the years, Hélène Jacubowitz’s work has become a reference in the world of metal sculpture, inspiring generations of artists and captivating collectors worldwide. Her artistic legacy will endure through her works, immortal witnesses to her talent and passion for the art of metal.

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