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Laurence Jenkell, also known as JENK, Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, is a self-taught French sculptor and painter of contemporary art known worldwide for her ‘Wrapping Bonbon’ sculptures. Born in 1965, she now lives and works on the French Riviera.

JENK began her artistic explorations in the mid-90s where she experimented with different techniques allowing her to master Plexiglas and create HER twisting technique. Twisting, or wrapping, is literally the winding of material upon itself, associated with the twisting of candy wrappers. Thanks to this technique, she created the Bonbon sculpture that would make her famous and has become her artistic signature.

For nearly 20 years, JENK has sculpted brightly colored candies in materials such as bronze, Plexiglas, aluminum, marble, polyester, and Murano glass.

Under the influence of her imagination, the twist takes on its full meaning and her works are part of a cultural reflection and process : the subject of candy combining simplicity and universality. With great freedom and determination, JENK continues her research and experimentation around twisting and develops new collections that enrich her repertoire of shapes.

JENK has now achieved international renown and her famous candies are collected worldwide.

Artwork instance :

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