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Grégory Baôo is a Belgian artist born in 1975. His work falls within the contemporary trend of reappropriating historical images, offering a new dimension to popular iconography. By using sparkling crystals to modernize historical photographs, Grégory Baôo creates unique and striking works of art.

His understated and minimalist style highlights the most remarkable aspects of each image, while his technique of partial colorization in pink emphasizes key elements of the image. The color pink has become his artistic signature.

Each work by Grégory Baôo is the result of a meticulous process. From digital retouching to high-quality printing to the manual application of each crystal, the artist executes every step of the artwork creation process. The sparkling crystals add brilliance, sparkle, and dimension to his works. A great history enthusiast, Grégory Baôo enriches each piece with a quotation related to the depicted theme. It’s up to the viewer to keep an eye out to discover the hidden quotation within the artwork.

The artist creates a very limited number of copies of each work to maintain their rare and exceptional nature. Through his art, Grégory Baôo immortalizes and transmits a part of history to future generations.

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