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Auguste is a French artist from Bordeaux, a representative of contemporary Pop Art. Through his pop works, mixing icons, figures from pop culture, luxury brands, and vibrant colors, the artist allows his audience to take a trip back in time. Auguste transports us right into the heart of his youth, his generation, and shares his own Proustian madeleine.

Styles and eras blend together, giving way to colorful and comprehensive artworks. Auguste creates and realizes his works using various techniques, always with the desire to mix several elements together: acrylic painting, digital art, collages, automotive varnish, aluminum, resin, or bronze.

Now recognized all over the world, Auguste is collected by numerous international personalities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Rafael Nadal, Stanislas Wawrinka, Michael Jordan, and even Michelle and Barack Obama.

As a socially conscious artist, Auguste participates in numerous Charity Galas in France and abroad for various causes. He is particularly committed to providing access to culture for young people from rural backgrounds.

Artwork instance :

OriginBordeauxMovementPop ArtKnown forCanvas & SculpturesShare

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