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Sannib is a British artist of Syrian-Lebanese descent who lives in London. His work focuses on contemporary portraits and abstract themes. Sannib began painting at the age of 10 without taking any lessons or learning techniques.

He took his first lessons in figurative and abstract painting with the Syrian painter Farid Georges, a graduate of the Academia di Belle Arti di Roma, Italy. Sannib later experimented with abstract themes and acrylic painting under the guidance of Mard Issa, a graduate of Kunstskolen in Bergen, Norway, and a student of the Norwegian classical painter Jan Sæther.

In 1997, Sannib graduated in Graphic Design from the Syrian Design Center in Aleppo, Syria. He worked for 18 years in advertising and creative agencies in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and London, United Kingdom.

Using his skills in graphic design and painting, Sannib has developed his unique artistic style by blending graphic elements, painting techniques, and textures. He uses various materials and supports, combined with vibrant colors and finishes.

Sannib finds his inspiration in bright colors and figures from pop culture. The portraits he creates are both hidden and revealed. The hidden side symbolizes undisclosed aspects of a person’s personality and parts of their life story unknown to the public. It represents life stories and secrets that may not be known to the general public. Sannib celebrates personalities and characters who have made their mark on Western society. His works present themselves to the viewer as a legacy of pop culture. Sannib is now exhibited and collected internationally, notably in Kuwait, Syria, and England

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OriginSyrian-Lebanese, BritishMovementPop ArtKnown forMixing abstract and figurating ArtShare

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