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Alexandre de Poplavsky was born in Paris on July 27, 1991. He studied at the prestigious Penninghen University, where he graduated in Interior Design and Architecture in 2013. After graduating, Alexandre de Poplavsky decided to focus his time on developing his artistic career and signed his first contract with an established Parisian gallery. In 2014, de Poplavsky moved to London to expand his exposure and audience. While continuing to practice art, he completed a master’s degree at the prestigious University of the Arts London in Interior and Spatial Design, further deepening his architectural education.

Alexandre de Poplavsky lives and works in London. He studied at ESAG Penninghen in Paris and UAL Chelsea College of Art in London. He is a versatile artist, expressing his creativity through various mediums: collages on canvas, sculptures (resin), and even the human body. His sculptures, such as his Art Toys (Mickey, Mario, rabbits (with or without butterflies)…), are placed in an acrylic box. The backgrounds of his paintings feature paper collages: fragments of cartoons, newspapers, etc., with a large black-and-white woman’s head depicted in the center. A touch of gold or silver leaf often illuminates the background.

His works are found in numerous collections, for example in London, France, Switzerland, South Africa, and Belgium.

The artist has designed a unique pattern of intertwined black and white lines, symbolizing life choices. This pattern is found on his Art Toys. His imagination is stimulated by the people around him, by wisdom, by vices, by death, and much more. He believes that good presentation is essential for an artist to succeed, as people no longer have time for artistic analysis.

Being creative is vital for Alexandre; it is almost an addiction. “Art is my escape from this world.”

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