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Born in 1989 in Tunisia and based in Cannes, Lis Sam has had a strong inclination towards creation from a young age. A self-taught artist from the Street Art culture, he initially expressed his art through graffiti, tagging, and other urban-inspired drawings.

The project “Blossoming Girls” finds its roots during a visit to a butterfly greenhouse in the south of France. The multitude of colorful butterflies fluttering around him at times create abstract silhouettes, akin to how a child sees imaginary faces in the clouds. Lis Sam is captivated by the beauty of the spectacle before him; this suspended moment is one of grace. The exuberant flora of the greenhouse forms a setting where the hues of the butterflies resonate with those of the flowers. An impression of intense life emanates from this spectacle and compels him to capture it.

Later, his artworks take on a more floral turn when he incorporates roses into his universe. Lis Sam quickly gained recognition for his refined creations and now exhibits in several galleries internationally. The creative process begins with the preparation of studio shots, imagining the floral arrangements that will serve as the backdrop for his works. He works on his floral settings in the studio and uniquely creates headdresses for his models. With different lighting effects on the canvas and the distance from which one views it, each person sees a unique piece.

It is with the desire to tell his story that he incorporates butterflies into his glass sculptures and paintings. It’s also a way to symbolize his personal “rebirth”: from a construction worker to an international artist living his passion… Lis Sam’s butterflies are symbols of hope and prove that anything is possible ; they are an anthem to Freedom.

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