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Native of Paris, Youns is a visionary artist who pushes the boundaries of art by skillfully merging the real world with the digital. His mastery of lenticular art and augmented reality allows him to create experiential and captivating works. The female figures he represents are not just colorful portraits; they are the starting point of a true interaction between the artwork and the viewer, thanks to active QR codes associated with each of his creations.

Deeply inspired by Street Art, Youns quickly explored the possibilities offered by digital art before turning to lenticular imagery, of which he now perfectly masters the subtleties.

A self-taught artist with multiple talents, Youns formerly worked as an optician and carpenter before fully dedicating himself to his art. Struck by the omnipresent presence of QR codes in our daily lives, he decided to integrate them innovatively into his works, thus transforming a symbol of technology into an element of artistic charm.

Each work by Youns is accompanied by a QR code, offering a unique immersive experience. By scanning this code, the viewer is transported into a three-dimensional world where they can discover a video related to the story of the portrayed personality or the place of women in the world, depending on the theme of the work.

For Youns, art is both physical and virtual, a harmonious fusion of two seemingly opposing worlds. His creations invite the viewer to cross the threshold of material reality to explore the infinite possibilities of digital space.

“Nothing moves me more than a woman’s portrait. Women are at the heart of my artistic inspiration, embodying the strength, beauty, and diversity of humanity.”

From legendary icons such as Marilyn Monroe or Frida Kahlo to anonymous women who shape the fabric of our daily lives, Youns celebrates femininity in all its splendor. His works are a vibrant tribute to the richness and complexity of the human experience, inviting everyone to discover the hidden beauty in the interstices of our modern world.

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